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Device42's IP Migration Script Enables Advanced IPAM

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

NEW HAVEN, CT: Device42, a provider of IT infrastructure management releases migration software that allows users to extract their IP Address Management (IPAM) data from a SolarWinds IP Address Manager instance.

The extracted data can be directly placed inside a Device42 software appliance. The  IP migration script enables swift and simple data migration allowing users to immediately deploy Device42's IP address management functionality that  includes centralized management IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, full VRF groups and nested subnet support; DNS server synchronization, manual or automatic IP assignments, and automatic IP data updates.

Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) is a method of tracking and modifying the information associated with a network's Internet Protocol address (IP address) space. With IPAM, administrators can ensure that the inventory of assignable IP addresses remain current and sufficient.

Network administrators use IPAM to ascertain and update various details about their networks, such as how much free IP address space exists, what subnets are in use, how large they are and who uses them; permanent versus temporary status for each IP address, default routers that the various network devices use, the host name associated with each IP address and the specific hardware associated with each IP address.

"This latest migration tool allows Device42 users to quickly leverage existing data assets and realize additional benefits from their technology investments,” says Steve Shwartz, CTO, Device42.

The company’s software also gives users a single and centralized console that addresses IT infrastructure management capabilities such as Data center/IT asset and inventory management, Password management and tracking, Patch panel cable management, Power and environmental monitoring and Application dependency mapping, Software license management and Power control.