DeviceLock's New Suite Plugs Data Leaks in Windows 10 and Apple OS

By CIOReview | Friday, December 11, 2015

FREMONT, CA: With the new ways of communication utilized within organizations like Instant Messaging, VOIP and so on beyond traditional email, the scope of data leaks are emerging which is not only limited to email and web, but also from personal computers and laptops. To defend against the growing threats, DeviceLock, endpoint data leak prevention (DLP) software provider announces its DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite and DeviceLock Discovery products will now support Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple OS X EI Capitan – the latest operating systems in the corporate IT market in preventing the electronic data leaks from their computers.

As a part of the announcement, DeviceLock says that its “DeviceLock Agents for Mac” product will protect Mac computers with Apple OS X EI Captain and “DeviceLock Agent” and “DeviceLock Discovery Agents” will protect computers that run Microsoft Windows 10.

Being officially certified by Microsoft as software compatible with Windows 10, DeviceLock DLP solution offers a set of contextual policies and content-aware controls over data-in-use, data-in-motion and data-at-rest that prevents the information leaks from the endpoints. It is designed to effectively scale small to large installations and simplifies DLP deployments and management.

Addressing the needs of organizations with a simple affordable to prevent data leaks from corporate Windows and Mac laptops, desktops and virtualized windows desktops and applications, DeviceLock delivers a unique functionality within endpoint DLP solutions. It serves the organizations in protecting their confidential information, intellectual properties, customer data and health records from data threats.

“We are proud that DeviceLock DLP has become one of the first products on the global DLP market to support both Windows 10 and El Capitan, as well as the first one officially certified by Microsoft as Windows 10 compatible” said Ashot Oganesyan, DeviceLock CTO and Founder. “This support demonstrates our full dedication to enabling our customers securely upgrade their corporate computers to the latest versions of operating systems from Microsoft and Apple with full confidence that the level and quality of data leak prevention provided by DeviceLock DLP will remain as high as before.”