Dialogic's PowerApp to Address Unique Latency and Network Resilience Needs for Enterprise Applications

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 13, 2016

PARSIPPANY, NJ: Dialogic, a provider of networking software and infrastructure solutions, announces the availability of Dialogic PowerApp LB, a software-based Load Balancer for Real-Time communications. PowerApp is a fully optimized network traffic load balancer, designed to address the unique latency and resiliency needs of large-scale real-time communication applications in carrier and enterprise applications.

The main features of software-based Load Balancer include: efficient application-aware real-time traffic management, rapid network integration with existing network infrastructure, increased reliability, efficient resource utilization and flexible licensing.

PowerApp LB is easy-to-use, an automatically balances load for a variety of services including database, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), Web and generic TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) traffic across a cluster of applications, thereby improving the network resilience and reliability. The load balancer efficiently allocates and utilizes the incoming traffic across a pool of service nodes with optional SIP, encryption offload and service affinity, thereby improving the overall application server performance.

The latest load balancer deploys Dialogic PowerMedia, XMS Media Server (MRF) and Media Resource Broker (MRB) products to serve application developers, service providers and enterprises to dynamically scale, enhance resilience, distribute and manage traffic across the data centers.

"Dialogic PowerApp LB stands out from existing ADCs by tackling the unique needs of real-time communications with application-aware traffic management features, resilience and contextual routing." says Ronald Gruia, Director for Emerging Telecom at Frost & Sullivan.