Disaster Recovery Now Simplified with Tintri's VM-aware deployment

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 19, 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Data backup, storage and recovery are crucial factors for a Cloud deployment. StratoGen, a VMware hosting provider deployed Tintri VMstore across its public and private cloud services for simplified data management and increased performance of the stored Virtual Machines (VMs), and replicated cloud data. Tintri VM-aware storage specifically for its customers virtualized applications. This deployment offered StratoGen with a 4X reduction in its data centre footprint and power consumption, enhancing the performance of cloud and improving disaster recovery services for all cloud customers.

StratoGen offers a robust and cost-effective Disaster Recovery, protects business-critical applications and data against disaster or human error by replicating the data from in-house and VMware servers to StratoGen cloud via StratoSure. This product of StratoGen offers businesses with an easy to manage, affordable, simple and reliable solution making recovery of the data very easy. Tintri’s VMstore lets the user perform various storage actions—manage, replicate, clone, snapshot, troubleshoot, and many more on individual virtual machines. This actions help in lowering the management time and also reduces the footprint required for mixed and growing workloads.

 “Tintri is able to balance workloads and enabled us to guarantee quality of service and IOPS (Input/output Operations per Second, pronounced i-ops). Our clients that had performance problems in our previous environment are having no issues,” comments Dan Gould, CTO, StratoGen.

StratoGen executed an effective demo with Tintri, which is a part of VMware Partner Exchange for its developments and production workloads. This evidenced the efficiency of Tintri solutions which resulted in StratoGen to chose two Tintri solutions of which, one serves its data centers and the other creates a dedicated environment for StratoGen’s customers. The deployment of Tintri’s VM-aware storage helped StratoGen to provide an enhanced disaster recovery function and guaranteed quality of service to strengthen customer relationships. The VM-aware capability enables user to balance the projects and workload across high-performance All-flash and Hybrid-flash devices. It encrypts all the data within VMs in one click; replicates individual VMs to remote location. VM-aware system allows managing of all the VMs from a single window, making it simple and easy to store.