Electrium Procures DynaSys' Demand Planning as an Extension for Demand Forecasting Approaches

By CIOReview | Monday, March 28, 2016

SANTA BARBARA, CA: Electrium, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Holdings and an electrical installation equipment manufacturing company recently chose DynaSys for its comprehensive Demand Planning platforms. The electrical manufacturing firm considered DynaSys, after investigating on demand and supply chain planning and advance planning solution providers across the market.   

“We were excited about the potential within the DynaSys tools to provide and facilitate a rigorous, collaborative forecasting tool that could enhance our existing supply chain processes. DynaSys provides a perfect fit for our business model, mirroring both our aggregate and detailed line level information requirements”, says Paul Simpson, Head of Residential Supply Chain Management, Electrium.

Extensive solutions of DynaSys allow companies to monitor their estimation procedures and also exceed vendor participations by delivering streamline supports on deal management functions including demand fluctuations. The procurement of demand planning solutions will lead Electrium to provide its customers collaborative approaches on sales including budget planning and forecasting. The solution’s Single-Click Collaboration technology authorizes all stakeholders to experience a suite of tools that enables effective collaboration and simplifies analysis across the extended enterprise. Its memory-resident planning and simulations support real-time analysis of promotions including new product introduction and market animation that impacts on the total forecasted demand.

DynaSys’s demand planning solutions extend Electrium’s offerings through its advanced features that include a collaborative forecasting process, Easy on-Boarding methodology and quick implementation approach. It provides accurate visibility into supply and demand fluctuations that improves company’s services by increasing their sales and revenue. The accurate visibility ensures organizations on their inventory capacity to meet customer orders. It also support enterprises in reducing enormous investment on inventory by effective planning and balancing on supply and demand. The solution is flexible so that users can easily integrate it with their existing IT infrastructure.