Elemica Releases Latest Web Series Titled 'The UBD Life'

By CIOReview | Monday, March 14, 2016

WAYNE, PA: The UBD Life, a latest web series isset to be released by Elemica, the leading Supply Chain Operating Network for the process industries. The series explains competitive advantages and key technological innovation embedded on Elemica’s patented Supply Chain Operating Network—The Universal Business Document (UBD). The UBD acts as a superior platform for B2B collaboration and commerce due to its cutting-edge flexibility and complete visibility offered to the customers. The UBD platform also improves message translation, fosters reliable inter-enterprise communication and speeds-up partner on-boarding. The simple, classroom-style presentations—The UBD Life—points how Elemica’s “Come As You Are” Network facilitates companies of any size to conduct business with any buyer, supplier or logistics provider.

“Our next-gen business network was built from the ground up to provide a much better way for companies to conduct commerce with each other,” said Ed Rusch, Vice President of Marketing at Elemica. “Using the concept of a Universal Business Document, our patented approach allows enterprises to communicate across the near infinite variety of business processes and technological capabilities found among their trading partners. This is a tremendous competitive advantage in the supply chain world.”

Arun Samuga, Vice President of Research and Development at Elemica, hosts the web series:

Part One: Introduction – Discusses fundamentals of business processes and how each business “speaks” a different language – a language that involves different “words” that can mean one thing in one company and something else in another company.

Part Two: Businesses and Languages – Discusses how companies want to increase their value by buying, selling or facilitating trade, but must overcome different languages, cultures, government regulations, and more that can affect the orchestration of business processes.

Part Three: Order Management – Discusses how order management relates to a Universal Business Process. Breaking down the order management process into a sequence of business signals eases communication and facilitates commerce.

Part Four: The Universal Business Document – Discusses in detail the UBD and how it represents the varied and unique business signals found within each process. With a UBD, some of these business signals can then be reused in different processes, such as Shipping Notices, which are used in order management, vendor managed inventory and logistics.

The web series also captures and presents the collaborative exchange of ideas between Arun and his students on how the UBD enables companies to overcome tough process orchestration challenges.