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EMT Labs Selects Spirent's MIMO and A-GNSS OTA Testing

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SUNNYVALE, CA: EMT Labs (Electromagnetic Magnetic Test), a testing and consulting firm has chosen Spirent Communications as the vendor of MIMO and A-GNSS Over the Air (OTA) solutions for comprehensive CTIA OTA testing.

Spirent is a provider of test and service management solutions for the communications industry and its A-GNSS OTA solution has been selected for LTE, WCDMA, GSM and CDMA OTA testing. The release of the MIMO OTA test plan is increasing the importance of OTA testing.EMT Labs will be a CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory (CATL) for MIMO OTA testing.

Unlike the conventional MIMO testing that is performed over a cabled RF connection, OTA testing introduces a controlled environment through the testing of resultant Radio Frequency (RF) channel conditions that represent the use of a device in real world. MIMO testing is also referred to as conducted testing and it does not take into account antenna implementation thus providing limited insights in terms of device performance in the real world.

A-GNSS OTA Testing accurately evaluates A-GNSS device performance in a radiated environment that is capable of creating realistic scenarios.

“Mobile devices today employ complex technologies and conducted testing can only reveal part of the story. The answer to this challenge lies in testing under real-world user conditions that OTA testing allows. Spirent has been a long-standing contributor to the CTIA standards working groups and this expertise has been incorporated into our OTA test solutions.  It is this value that we bring to the table in this key partnership with EMT Labs.”, says Saul Einbinder, VP Marketing, Wireless,Spirent Communications.