Enabling Robust Security Through Google Gmail Update

By CIOReview | Monday, September 26, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Google unveils new authentication features in Gmail to identify emails that are harmful and less secure. The feature is designed to mark the Safe Internet Day to enhance security measures and identify emails that arrive over an unencrypted connection.

Google unfolds security measures by alerting users who are sending email to a recipient through an open lock in the top right hand corner. The same lock appears if an email is received from a non encrypted account. Encryption addresses the issue of third party hijacking by lowering the risk associated with emails. The previous year showed a substantial increase in percentage of the non encrypted emails to around 81percent.

Authentication is an alternative form of measure that will be employed to identify the non authenticated email with the help of a question mark in the profile picture space. It helps in assessing, if an email is a phishing attempt or a kind of malicious attack to obtain users data or information. Google enhances better decision making by deploying more visibility on potential threats related to the online security. In addition, Google offers users 2GB of additional storage for Google Drive free of cost by completing the new security checkup for the Google account. Google also helps in checking other devices connectivity to the account and the permissions that are enabled by checking the recovery information. The 2GB of free expansion is also offered to the users who had already used it last year. The offers do not include Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education accounts.

“If you receive a message from a big sender (like a financial institution, or a major email provider, like Google, Yahoo or Hotmail) that isn’t authenticated, this message is most likely forged and you should be careful about replying to it or opening any attachments,” remarks Google in its Gmail help section.