Enduradata's New Version of Cross Platform Inter Cloud Software to boost Sharing and Communication options

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN: With the release of EDpCloud, a newer version of EnduraData’s Cross Platform Inter Cloud Software, enterprises and businesses will now be able to synchronize data among public, private and hybrid clouds to enhance sharing and communications options. EnduraData, is a data protection and data security company specializing in file replication and data distribution for enterprises.

With the introduction of new EdpCloud, businesses will get benefitted with greater data migration and protection options. Linux, Mac, Solaris, Windows, will support the new EDpCloud and various other operating systems can carry it. Number of agencies, healthcare, financial institutions and universities will utilize the EnduraData’s solution to help them access the data, whenever, wherever it is needed. "With all of the technological developments and resources at our fingertips today, we wanted to leverage data sharing capabilities for increased communication and maximum productivity between businesses. Our EdpCloud can be used by global businesses to automatically synchronize data between heterogeneous systems and geographic locations," said A El Haddi, EDpCloud's Architect.

Before leaving the local systems and cloud, the communications and files used through EdpCloud are encrypted.  The aggregation of data can be procured by EDpCloud from various locations to single point and various remote systems that run diverse operating systems to a single central location. With this introduction, EnduraData's critical product is set to take the interaction, creation, adding and capturing of value among enterprises to whole another level. "Data holds the clues, answers, and information of the future in today's world. Having a greater, more streamlined access to limitless data will give producers, business people, inventors, and dreamers the ability to reach their end goal faster. And above all, our system ensures it stays guarded, protected, and pristine throughout the process," said Haddi.