Enterprises Welcome the New AI-based Solution to Drive Employee Empowerment
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Enterprises Welcome the New AI-based Solution to Drive Employee Empowerment

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

AI in enterprise service management offers exceptional employee experiences by redefining ways to help employees at the enterprise level.  

FREMONT, CA: Espressive, an AI solution provider for employee self-service, has introduced advanced features of approver workflows to Espressive Barista, an AI-based Virtual Support Agent (VSA). Virtual support agent virtually helps by delivering personalized user experience, maximizes employee adoption, and reduces the help-desk calls. Espressive’s expert team of designers and technologists include data scientists to analyze and provide brilliant AI solutions.

The innovation allows the deployers to maintain compliance while automating the processes, holding unique capabilities to ingest existing knowledge-based articles and accurately answer the employee questions. The integration of Microsoft Teams and the automated mailing list helps the solution to expand its omni-channel features. Espressive Barista offers immediate answers to the employees and alerts them for important events, continuing the interactions throughout the whole process of their request. 

Complex processes like new hire on-boarding, password resetting, vacation requests, and many more can be handled seamlessly with the newly launched solution. Espressive Barista channels the focus towards automatically answering questions and resolving the issues. Giving importance to the prioritized and routed issues, it shares the context to the relevant teams. The automated detection and notification, and categorizing the relatable point simplify the catalog creation.

The ability to achieve employee adoption rates of 50 to 60% and reduction of the help desk call volume by 40 to 60% put it in an exceptional category of the solution provider. Espressive Barista moves the budget from answering questions to strategic programs with an AI initiative for the enterprise; it also improves the perception of IT enterprise widely and significantly reduces the Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR). The adoption of Barista makes the employee more productive and increases their job satisfaction.

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The Barista Case Management is a powerful and easy way for providing the internal services to the IT, with segments like HR, payroll, facilities, and sales operations to improve the experience and quality of support to offer the employees. Espressive helps to bring AI solutions into the enterprise as a virtual support agent, designed with the speed and resiliency of today’s world. The immediate accessibility and regular interaction extend the learning to tackle the issues smartly and more efficiently.

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