Entrust Datacard Introduces Enhancements in its Passport Issuance System

By CIOReview | Friday, October 23, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: To empower government agencies with ability to execute secure passport issuance, Entrust Datacard – a developer of high-volume identification and datacard technologies – introduces enhanced features in its passport issuance system ‘PB6500’.

Nowadays with an increasing number of travelers with fake ID card, it’s high time for government to push advanced technologies into their passport programs. Powered by laser engraving and color inkjet printing abilities, PB6500 passport issuance system elevates passport quality and defense against security threats while minimizing overall program costs. The high-speed system features simulator software, booklet leafing and high capacity and intelligent supplies technology.

PB6500 capacitate its customers with full complement of personalization capabilities, including Datacard LinkJet security printing, Datacard PersoCurve security feature, laser ablation, CLI, MLI and 3D photo, providing strong protection for demographics, biometrics and other proprietary data — both in the personalization process and on the chip. Its flexible design allows the system to be configured to accommodate specific program requirements and work spaces. Additionally, the system issues e-passports which are compatible with chips from a wide range of manufacturers and can implement ICAO-compliant Basic Access Controls (BAC), Extended Access Controls (EAC) and Supplementary Access Controls (SAC) security protocols.

Now the enhanced PB6500 system and its proven process of personalizing passport books equips Datacard Photo Optimization Software automates primary photos color and contrast adjustment that are too dark or washed out, assisting government officials and fully pigmented, more durable inks for use on paper pages in passports. To eliminate the traditional issues of fumes or water cooling apparatus, Entrust Datacard incorporated Inline Laser Perforation functionality into PB6500 system Inline Laser Perforation to create a perforated series of shapes through a passport book.

Furthermore, the PB6500 system delivers increased throughput up to 300 BPH (books per hour) without compromising the small footprint and helping to reduce counterfeit passports and imposters.