Envelop VR's Software Platform Provides its Customer Smooth Transition into Virtual Reality

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

BELLEVUE, WA: Envelop VR, a creator of Envelop Virtual Environment (EVE), an immersive computing platform for pre-existing windowed PC content and applications that enables enterprises to work in an immersive, 3D virtual environment welcomed the move of recruiting  Jeff Hansen as Vice President of Business Development. Jeff is responsible for assisting the enterprise customers in solving real business problems by leveraging a virtual reality environment, including enhancing the work flow processes and efficiencies, visualizing data, or collaborating on engineering or product development.

Envelop VR solutions provide spectacular benefits and advantages of working and collaborating in a three-dimensional virtual environment to its enterprise customers. Envelop Virtual Reality lets its customer use the computer in a VR headset, that computes virtual reality environment in the headsets. Better quality functionality and benefits of VR headset overtakes a typical two-dimensional flat screen computer.

“It is game changing – a true inflection point like the PC, Internet, HD or digital photography. Even more exciting is the opportunity to help enterprise customers solve real business problems in VR. Nothing compares to the potential of immersive computing and the VR experience” says Jeff Hansen Vice President, Business Development, Envelop VR.

Roy Taylor, AMD’s Corporate Vice President of Content & Alliances, Radeon Technology Group asserts that Envelop’s software allows enterprise companies to seamlessly transition into virtual reality because it gives firm the platform to use their current computing functionalities and existing applications, but with the additional benefits that will allow those tools and data sources to perform at an optimum level.

The VR Solution enables enterprise customers to leverage on the existing assets and data models within virtual reality. It also allows users to view and manipulate their data three-dimensionally, unlocking more knowledge, and helping them to solve business problems by providing detailed information.

Real-time interaction with 3D assets is another feature that EVE provides, either in stand-alone viewers or within the native environment of many software applications. With its unique tools and application it has allured many industries that are getting the benefits of VR without major investments in new platforms. As a result the visualization and interaction available in VR opens many new avenues for leading enterprise customers.