Envivo Guru 4.0 To Break The Boundary Of Traditional Video Network Management

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 30, 2014

FREMONT,CA: Envivo, the provider of multi-screen video processing and delivery solutions has launched Envivo Guru 4.0, an enhanced version of its video network management system.

Envivio offers high quality videos at the lowest bit rate for PC streaming, mobile TV, high definition and standard definition television deployments. Most of the Service providers make use of Envivio system’s reduced operational costs while offering subscribers an array of video services.

Formally known as Envivo 4Manager, Envivo 4.0 breaks the boundary of traditional video network management as it offers universal accessibility of video in high quality across various networks like mobile phones, set top boxes and PCs at any time.

Envivo Guru 4.0 comes with a new improved user interface, monitoring, and connectivity tools like device auto-discovery and scheduled service control. The Guru 4.0 is designed in such a way that the operators can automate video service features at the service level itself like the operator using Guru user interface for scheduling blackouts, logo insertion or live-to-file recordings for a specific channel, at a particular day and time.

“Envivio Guru is an ideal system for managing multiscreen and traditional broadcast headends from a single platform. The recent user interface enhancements and introduction of new features including automated service scheduling significantly improve workflow management and communication, thereby reducing operational complexity and cost,” says Arnaud Caron, Solution Architect for Envivio.

Envivo’s Guru 4.0 video management system which is based on Skyline flagship DataMiner  Network Management System (NMS) has an improved video headend availability and reliability and offers advanced automatic 1+1 and N+M redundancy protection switching. The video headend of Guru 4.0 provides the master facility needed for both receiving and processing signals from all available sources.

“The UI enhancement and new features significantly improve workflow management and communication, thereby reducing operational complexity and cost,” adds Caron.

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