Equinix Utilizes Facebook's Open Network Technology to Develop Open Source Platform within Its Data Centers

By CIOReview | Friday, March 11, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Equinix, a provider of IBX data center & collocation software has deployed Facebook designed wedge networking switches into  its own data centers and open sourced domain through its open source hardware community. The collaboration with the help of technological advancements aims to build a diverse, open source platform for both software and hardware. 

 The Open Compute Project will provide open source services in which individuals and organization can share their intellectual properties with others and assist in the growth of IT industry.  Data center Wedge open source switches, developed by Facebook, will be implemented in the new architecture inside Equinix to maintain pace with the rapid innovation, while also creating greater efficiency.

Equinix will be able to provide its enterprise customers with an optimal environment to push technological boundaries and develop next-generation interconnection solutions.

Deploying an open network technology inside Equinix will further boost the performance to drive these innovational changes and trends through the interconnection network. This in return will enable customers with open source hardware and software technology to deploy their mobile, hybrid cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) platform in a cost-effective manner.

The open source platform will provide an environment for true innovation across hardware and software, and enables access to both dense network ecosystem and to the cloud service providers inside the Equinix data centers. 

The solution will be powered by the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS). As OCP brings around new levels of openness to data center technology, thereby the momentum will continue to build around open source contributions for networking, servers, storage, and Open Rack. 

The Open Compute Project has been proven service to reduce costs and provide a catalyst for innovation. Ihab Tarazi, CTO, Equinix says "they are thrilled to work with Facebook as they bring a new level of innovation and collaboration to their growing customer base.  By working together, they can drive technology evolution for interconnection by defining the next-generation architecture for the network and cloud edge, thus ensuring their customers have the scale and performance they require for newly evolving platforms and applications."

"The OCP community works best when there is strong collaboration between companies, and that's why I think the work on this open architecture for software and hardware is so important,” asserts Jason Taylor, Chairman and President, Open Compute Project Foundation, and VP of Infrastructure, Facebook