eVisit's Mobile App Help Patients Connect With Doctor Via Secure Video Chat

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Phoenix, AZ: eVisit, a telehealth company that manufactures physician-first solutions has come up with a new mobile app for android and iOS for physicians to provide visitremote video visits to their patients through mobile devices.

In order to make use of this app, both physicians and patients should download the app so as to get connected to the real –time during diagnosis and treatment. Physicians need to first sign-up with eVisit and patients of the participating physicians can only use the app. The app not only helps the patients in getting better treatment at home for all minor injuries, illnesses; but at the same time boosts the practice revenue of the doctors.

Some of the important features of this app include its clear video feature enabling doctors to see the illness or injury of the patient clearly. The patient can also carefully go through the doctor’s advice during video call; the providers can send prescriptions electronically to nearly 66,000 pharmacies nationwide in the eVisit database; the doctors and patients can be in contact all the while with the help of the app’s text, call or email. Besides all this, once the patient is done with the treatment he can pay his bill using the app. Both the patient and the doctor will have the illness and treatment records in case of necessity.

“The release of our mobile app makes eVisit’s telemedicine platform even more accessible and intuitive for patients and their healthcare providers,” says Bret Larsen, CEO, eVisit. “More than ever we rely on our smartphones for everyday tasks—including getting access to healthcare. The power of telemedicine is all about getting high-quality care no matter where you are. We’re harnessing that power by connecting doctors and their patients in a safe, secure way via mobile device.”