Evolving Wireless For A Mobile World

By CIOReview | Friday, December 27, 2013

The Wi-Fi industry in 2013 has been shaped by many interesting changes as most organizations have started understanding the implication of a number of feasible scenarios for the evolution of the wireless industry, which brings enormous opportunities. The most notable of all was the initial shipment of products supporting the next big thing in Wi-Fi, the 802.11ac standard. This new wireless standard touting high performances and better battery life for mobile devices, has been rolled out in two phases - what the industry is terming as wave-1 and wave-2.

Another re-emerging trend is of the “metro wi-fi” deployment. “Like the return of the prodigal son, cities are once again turning to wi-fi with a sounder perspective on the business benefits it can bring. Cities like San Francisco and San Jose in California are drawing people into their city centers, public parks and conference venues with the lure of free wi-fi.” says Selina Lo, CEO, Ruckus Wireless.

However, with all the anticipation of what the wireless industry holds for us in 2014, there seems to have unfulfilled promises and potential in 2013. Early this year, there has been lot of speculation regarding the paradigm security shift that the explosion of smart mobile devices had created. But, Mobile Device Management (MDM) has suffered the same fate as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), at least to date.

Also, Shaun Neal, Senior Consultant at Burwood Group explains that insurgence of location based services presented a pool of opportunities for equipment vendors that could have been better exploited with the help of mobile apps. “I was most disappointed with the mobile app space as it pertains to these location opportunities. This is a relatively green field that is ripe with opportunity, and I thought there would be more solutions out there that really get it.”

2014 will witness companies like Ruckus launching location services engine in the Cloud, and solving the “carrier-class” scalability issue of service providers who always face challenge regarding the scale with which they do things. Organizations will have strong focus on application and end-user experience that is critical to the overall success of any of these initiatives.