Exosite in Association with Microchip Provides Fast Track Cloud based Solutions
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Exosite in Association with Microchip Provides Fast Track Cloud based Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 19, 2016

IOT PARTNERFREMONT, CA: Exosite, an IoT cloud solution provider together with Microchip Technologies have announced the availability of Microchip WiFi Client Module (WCM) Development kit, a supporting hardware platform for ExositeReady Embedded Software Development Kit.

Microchip WCM development Kit enables fast track IoT initiatives by providing Exosite advanced cloud based platform through a set of open source tools. The Exosite’s cloud based platform provides companies with the required technology to build and deploy next-generation IoT solutions that leverage the expanding world of connected devices.

The ExositeReady certification is production- quality software for developers to jumpstart IOT product deployments using the ‘tried and tested’ hardware components for embedded products. Exosite works along with partners to deliver software that takes advantage of the partners’ hardware and software capabilities and meets the standards set by ExositeReady. The program also comprises of complete suite of software modules, ports, instructions, and examples.

The new Microchip WCM Development Kit 1 (Part Number DM182023) is a demo board that utilizes a Microchip MRF24WG0MA WiFi Module and a PIC32MX application microcontroller, allowing users to ensure a robust connection to Exosite’s cloud-based platform. The development Kit is used with ExositeReady SDK and is available from microchipDirect. Additionally, the kit is also embedded into the hardware platform and pre-programmed with the ExositeReady cloud.

The demo board features a simple WiFi configuration and it quickly activates a new device on Exosite cloud, saving CIK to NV memory. The board also periodically sends heart beat data to draw a triangle wave to Exosite cloud. In addition, it features sending button press report to Exosite cloud in order to trigger an email or sms alert.

 “We are proud to be the first IOT PARTNER to offer an ExositeReady certified hardware platform. The ExositeReady supported WCM development kit enables faster prototyping and evaluation for a variety of applications. This ensures that designers and engineers can strategically address the organization’s goals by efficiently developing cloud-connected production-ready embedded devices with less risk and investment,” said Jim Russell, IoT Function Group Leader, Microchip Technology.