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F5 Networks' New Solutions Strengthen its Application Security, Management and Orchestration Portfolio

By CIOReview | Friday, May 20, 2016

F5 Networks recently revealed software-based solutionsFREMONT, CA: F5 Networks recently revealed software-based solutions—BIG-IP 12.1 software, BIG-IQ Centralized Management 5.0, iWorkflow 2.0 to allow clients seamlessly integrate availability and security services, simplify device management, and better orchestrate IT infrastructure. It gives the ability to take advantage of the benefits offered by traditional data center, cloud, and hybrid architectures.

“To better meet the needs of customers, we have made significant investments in security, management, and orchestration, along with the feature-rich software that supports our flagship BIG-IP product line,” says Karl Triebes, EVP of Product Development and CTO, F5.

The new products released are:

BIG-IP 12.1 software: It delivers application services with enhanced public cloud integration and security policies for on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. The BIG-IP version 12.1 supports F5’s new iRules LX technology and offers the ability to manipulate and selectively deploy service capabilities via Node.js, and includes easy access to over 250,000 community Node.js packages. It has enough potential for delivering advanced functionality for web applications that requires optimized throughput, scalability, and unique traffic steering services.

BIG-IQ Centralized Management 5.0: BIG-IQ Centralized Management is faster and extensible system with new user-interface, a modular framework, and support for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). With the new update, it offers expanded management for F5’s BIG-IP solution portfolio with meaningful scalability and performance advances.

iWorkflow 2.0: It allows the orchestration of F5 services with SDN-focused solutions like Cisco ACI and VMware NSX, coupled with continuous deployment scenarios using DevOps tools from various vendors including Ansible, Chef, and Puppet.

The rapid growth of Internet-facing applications has led to major security threats on business-critical web services, along with an increase in the sophistication of attacks. The new F5’s security upgrade enables clients to ensure application availability and performance, resolve critical app protection gaps, and boost overall business security.

With the new security upgrade BIG-IP 12.1 strengthens web application defense via BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) with unique and customizable bot detection methods to enable detailed analysis and extensive device ID tracking. The BIG-IP ASM escalates the blacklisting of malicious IPs in hardware at high rates for Layer 7 threats with enhanced coverage for feed list update. Its Advanced Firewall Manager provides enough ability to automatically mitigate L3–7 attacks crucial for the ISP realm and control SSH channel user-initiated actions with simple custom policy enforcement. 

“F5 is well-positioned to further enhance the capabilities of Microsoft's cloud infrastructure offerings to deliver greater agility, flexibility and security to our joint customers,” says Jeff Bellamy, Senior Director, Business Development, F5.