Food Industry: Access to an Enhanced Specification Management Solution
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Food Industry: Access to an Enhanced Specification Management Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Kannappan Manickam, Global Managing Director, TraQtion

Kannappan Manickam, Global Managing Director, TraQtion

TraQtion’s product specification management software helps food retailers improve time-to-market by centralizing a product’s attribute data in a structured way that increases information accuracy from supplier specification to label generation.

FREMONT, CA: TraQtion, a leader in cloud-based quality and compliance solutions, announced the availability of the enterprise’s specification management solution for the governance of product attributes data. With the module, food retailers can track and control all data related to a particular recipe, the composition of a specific ingredient, approved suppliers, along with nutritional, allergen, and claim information.

The latest module assists quality managers in midsize to enterprise food retail and foodservice companies reduce the time it takes to launch new products. Alongside, the solution helps retailers address the increasing demands of health-conscious consumers who track ingredient claims, including non-genetically modified organism (GMO), allergens, and nutritional labels.

TraQtion is featured in CIOReview’s 10 Most Promising Food and Beverages Solution Providers 2018. “Our mission as a software company is to connect the world’s supply chain, empowering manufacturers, restaurants, retailers and brand owners to bring safer, sustainable, and high-quality products to market faster, increasing brand integrity and consumer confidence,” states Kannappan Manickam, TraQtion’s Global Managing Director. TraQtion is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NSF International, a public health and safety organization with 75 years of technical and scientific expertise in food safety. 

TraQtion’s advanced product specification solution is at present used by a leading U.K. retail foodservice brand to validate automated ingredient specifications and product information. The module can be used independently or coupled with the full suite of TraQtion software services that can scan, evaluate, and interpret data across the supply chain. The key for the company is reducing costs by minimizing errors and preventing duplicate data entry.

The software can also proactively alerts end-users of high-risk products, the suppliers and facilities that store these risky products so that quality leaders can take quick action to safeguard both consumers and their brand. While addressing CIOReview’s interview question regarding TraQtion’s basis for success, Manickam stated, “We take a lot of pride in our tried and tested implementation methodology, which aligns with our clients’ business goals and increases higher adoption across the supply chain.” “We place a very high emphasis on customer satisfaction,” he added.

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