Fujitsu's Virtuora NC 3.0 Helps Revolutionize SDN Arena with its Multi-layer and Modular Solution
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Fujitsu's Virtuora NC 3.0 Helps Revolutionize SDN Arena with its Multi-layer and Modular Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2016

RICHARDSON, TX: Fujitsu Network Communications surface in the context of SDN landscape with announcement of the general availability of a product suite of standards-based, multi-layer, multi-vendor network automation and virtualization products solely designed for SDN, called Virtuora NC 3.0. Built on an open-source platform, it enables service providers to seamlessly deliver innovative, profitable, and first-to-market services.

“Virtuora NC is highly scalable and makes networks programmable, in turn helping providers reduce costs while increasing service velocity” Said Igor Bergman, VP and Head, Software Business Unit, Fujitsu Network Communications.

Virtuora NC can be categorized into three different layers. The open SDN control framework layer leverage OpenDaylight (ODL) and Fujitsu has created additional layers on the ODL platform to maximize the built-in components of ODL without attaching them to applications or device specifications. The ‘southbound’ layer consists of several interfaces that control the networking elements.  Those interfaces are abstracted via YANG models and XML, and support TL1, NETCONF, and other management protocols. The ‘application’ layer is made up of control, management, fulfillment, service assurance functions, and northbound interfaces. The applications provide a set of external surfaces, staying synchronous with modular design of Virtuora NC. The segregation of applications, controller infrastructure and southbound interfaces enable users to leverage Agile and IT DevOps methodologies for maintenance and upgrades, or migrate to another controller platform with minimal impact.

"This release delivers on Fujitsu’s stated strategy to deliver solutions that leverage de-facto standard open source platforms and meet their customers’ needs," exclaimed Neela Jacques, Executive Director, OpenDaylight.

Virtuora helps achieve significant goals for customers in the SDN avenue. It improves time-to-market for new products and also delivers rapid service innovation through an open control platform. Traditional OSS development cycles are eliminated by prolific use of YANG modeling and abstraction. Dynamic Service Activation and Service Restoration, Path Computation, and Resource Discovery are some other additional features that offer multiple options in service creation and operational efficiency.