Galileo Performance Explorer's Agent Additions for IBM i Provide Greater Insights into Server Systems

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

MALVERN, PA: Galileo Performance Explorer, developed by the ATS Group, adds an agent for IBM i operating system. Galileo Performance Explorer is a cloud-based integrated infrastructure performance management (IPM) suite for servers, storage, SAN (storage area network) and applications.

IBM i is an EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code) based operating system that is supported alongside AIX and Linux on IBM Power Systems and alongside AIX, Linux and Windows on IBM PureSystems.

The latest addition for IBM i will help IT administrators to pinpoint configuration issues, locate exhausted or underutilized resources, and isolate problems rapidly and easily by accessing common configuration information within IBM i Power Systems environments.

Galileo Performance Explorer has also has added new agents for IBM FlashSystems and Brocade SAN Fabrics Technology, along with enhanced views within its Enterprise Dashboard, which offers simplified views and detailed drilldowns for underutilized storage capacity to show a global view of all volumes and how much capacity, in groups, might be reclaimable capacity.

The IPM solution with insights to IBM FlashSystems offers metrics for Flash Modules, Fiber Channel Interfaces, Fiber Channel Ports and Fiber Channel Port errors. The agent for the Brocade SAN Fabric also provides metrics for Directors, Switches, ISL’s (Cisco’s VLAN Encapsulation protocol) and ISL Trunks.

The agents collect and report on performance, capacity, and configuration. The Alerting and Enterprise Dashboards allow customization of intelligence parameters, critical alerts, views of disk usage, and trend reporting of capacity. Users can improve decision-making through monitoring. The granular performance data t reduces the chance for systemic issues that can result in costly downtime.

Seen as a catalyst for business growth, IPM is an increasingly popular means to align IT infrastructure with business goals. IPM is a strategic business-oriented activity that can transform a management’s view of IT.