Gameforge Leverages Graylog's Log Management Platform to Quickly Troubleshoot Game Performance Issues

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 31, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Monitoring and analyzing application log data is key in keeping application performance issues at bay. In order to quickly and easily troubleshoot issues, Gameforge, a provider of free-to-play and MMO games, leverages Graylog’s open source log management platform for giving gamers a better gaming experience.

Gameforge selects Graylog for the following reasons:

Working with log data without server acces

The platform enables Gameforge’s system administrators access the Graylog web interface to search through and analyze the log data themselves. As a result, developers no longer need server access to work with log data, keeping pace with security policies.

Quick search and filtering functionality

Graylog’s log management platform eliminates the need to manually search through log data on multiple servers. With all logs centralized in one place, Gameforge can use Graylog’s powerful search functionality to quickly find and filter the exact logs as needed.

Visualizing performance issues

By using Graylog’s dashboards to visualize the information from their log data, Gameforge can easily spot anomalies being processed daily. In one dashboard view, Gameforge can monitor the number of player login errors, In-Game Shop payment issues, and Match Calculation problems.

Providing real-time alert

Graylog uses Streams to process incoming messages in real time based on customizable conditions. It generates alert in real time when a message comes in that matches the gamer’s alert rules. For instance, on receiving an alert that connection to the Apple payment system was down the mobile game team was able to resolve the problem quickly and could avoid the bad user experience of a payment not going through.

Flexible log data extraction

There are thousands of devices and endpoints that have their own format of log messages. Instead of writing custom message inputs and parsers for each unique data source, Graylog users can use the REST API or web interface wizard to create extractors to pull data from any text in a message, regardless of format.

“My development team created our own streams and set alerts for the games we were working on. We’re able to get real time alerts on critical errors in games and applications so we can react faster than before. In one case, our mobile game team received an alert that our connection to the Apple payment system was down. We were able to resolve the problem quickly and avoided the bad user experience of a payment not going through,” says Dennis Simon, Lead Developer, Gameforge.