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Geometrics' Breakthrough in the Field of Remote-Sensing Technology with New Line of MFAM

By CIOReview | Friday, November 20, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA- Since past few decades, magnetometers has been utilized for making non-contact, remote measurements for a variety of phenomena. But so far their use has been restricted mostly to the discipline of Geophysics because of the size and large power consumption of the sensors. Geometrics unlocks the scope for magnetometers to be utilized in an array of other applications and fields with the development of miniaturized laser-pumped scalar magnetometer called Micro-Fabricated Atomic Magnetometer (MFAM). Their plans include commercializing this technology in collaboration with Texas Instruments.

These devices feature a ten-fold reduction in size and power consumption, keeping the performance intact. They operate in the earth’s field within a bandwidth of 400Hz. Tests have been run at Geometrics to study  the effects of Eddy currents in conductors and to measure magnetocardiography signals in an unshielded environment utilizing these sensors. “We have worked hard to bring these revolutionary sensors to market. We are very excited about the impact these sensors can make on a number of fields, and on our business as a whole,” says Dr. Mark Prouty, President of Geometrics.

Geometrics aim to re-define the field of remote-sensing and detection by using a multitude of these devices at once to interpret the readings in real-time.  This will undoubtedly  give a new face to the market with the introduction of cost-effective, efficient and reliable designs.