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Geotab Marketplace offers Amovi VOC Camera in its 'Hardware Accessories & Add-on'

By CIOReview | Monday, May 23, 2016

fleet management and vehicle tracking technologyFREMONT,CA: Geotab a provider of fleet management and vehicle tracking technology announced the availability of VerifEye Technologies’ Amovi VOC Camera among Geotab Marketplace solutions. It employs the latest mobile video systems and assists fleet operators to identify and process critical information related to accidents, incidents and risky driving—thereby minimizing disruption and costs involved during mishaps.

Amovi VOC is a cloud based in-vehicle camera system with several mounting options available. If activated it captures video clips of legal evidentiary standards and stores them in the Amovi Smartcloud for viewing and downloading. The smart cloud is accessible through computers and mobile devices using a standard browser. It also enables browsing and downloading of non-triggered footage stored in the camera. The ‘live view’ function provides a real time view of the incidents. It is useful for fleet owners as it provides enhanced visibility to on-road activities.

"This combination of telematics with a robust video system is paving the way for further utilization of a real-time approach to fleet management," says Geotab CEO Neil Cawse. "With VeriEye Technologies’ Amovi VOC Camera, Geotab Marketplace users will draw significant benefits from an in-the-moment view of operations - not to mention improvements in driver safety - which can ultimately result in substantial cost savings," he adds.

The Amovi VOC camera comes with a built-in accelerometer and Panic Button ‘triggers.’ It also provides an instant notification of the accidents and critical incidents in text or email format. It relives the fleet administrator from hefty data downloads with automated data management across the entire fleet. "The global fleet transportation industry now has access to one of the most sophisticated, flexible mobile video telematics solution in the world. We are excited to join the Marketplace and associate ourselves with Geotab’s tradition of service excellence," states Steve Holmes, President, VerifEye Technologies.