GIV Solutions to be Infor EAM Implementer for SodaStream
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GIV Solutions to be Infor EAM Implementer for SodaStream

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Meir Givon, Founder & CEO and Frederic Russo, SVP INFOR EAM for EMEA APAC at INFOR GLOBAL

Meir Givon, Founder & CEO and Frederic Russo, SVP INFOR EAM for EMEA APAC at INFOR GLOBAL

After a detailed look and investigation of the alternative implementation companies, SodaStream opted for GIV Solutions, and Infor EAM to implement the overall maintenance management solution

FREMONT, CA: SodaStream is a global company that produces an innovative, cost-effective, user as well as environment-friendly solution for the carbonated soft drink consumers. The company runs in nearly 45 countries, and its products are sold in more than 80,000 retail stores and to more than 35 million consumers. SodaStream chose GIV Solutions as implementer and integrator with Infor EAM as the solution, where Infor Global is the vendor.

One of the leading companies in Israel, GIV Solutions LTD, is an innovative leader in the EAM platform. GIV Solutions LTD has developed complementary, vertical solutions by its expansion and integration center in Israel. The company was also ranked as one of the Top 10 Infor Solution Companies–2019 by CIOReview.

The Infor EAM platform has been long-approved as satisfying the international standards and is achieving worldwide recognition by the world’s leading analyst companies, as per Gartner.

SodaStream is an Israeli company having the manufacturing plants and R&D headquarters in Israel, selected GIV Solutions as the integrator to deliver the project. The project comprises of supply, design, implementation, integration, operation, and maintenance of the management information system for equipment, support, construction, and assets management for SodaStream. The new system will be entirely integrated into the SodaStream ERP system along with the control systems of the production floor.

“Every large-scale manufacturing organization is at great risk in the event of equipment failure,” notes Yaron Rapoport, GIV’s VP of Technology, who led and managed the project due to its importance. “Innovative and advanced asset management computing reduces risk by ensuring greater accuracy of the information and greater transparency in making the best decisions. Using a reliable system also speeds up the solution to problems and thus minimizes downtime and maintenance costs. SodaStream is leading the market in its industry, and we are proud to begin the joint work.”

With about 6,000 equipment and machinery units like the plastic injection and assembly machines, metal processing, and assembly machines supply and energy centers, maintenance becomes a significant part of the operations of SodaStream. To get the most out of the production equipment and machinery available, and to generate a higher in-house maintenance service level with lower expenses, the need for a modern maintenance system over the existing one is primary.

“We see our clients as long-term partners, and in this partnership, we assist the customer to continuously improve the use of the system, with the business benefits and the value that the system and the successful application are able to create, among other things by utilizing the flexibility and product capabilities of the Infor EAM platform, and the high creativity and professional capabilities of the GIV team” concludes GIV CEO Meir Givon.

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