Glenridge's EcoPATH Analytics Toolkit Simplifies Organizations Network Optimization

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 24, 2015

COLUMBIA, MD: Glenridge HealthCare Solutions, a provider of health plans, financial modeling and clinical integration is introducing an analytics toolkit ‘EcoPATH’ to optimize network development and offer deep insight of numerous network data to payer and provider clients.

Glenridge aims to develop substantial strategies for organizational growth while fulfilling the need of clients to expand their business. Its Network Development technology offers cost effective and real-time metric reports, network status visibility, actual and benchmark targets monitoring and market penetration through collaboration with community providers and by utilizing analytics and data management tools. Glenridge helps healthcare organizations to build new network, to comply with regulatory requirements and perform operational activities such as Medicare filings.

EcoPATH comprises toolset which is built on Glenridge IP protocols platform that enablesclients to identify and analyze market opportunities, implement solutions, monitor adequacy and meet reporting requirements without compromising with quality and cost effectiveness. It will empower payers and providers with ability and knowledge of network cost, quality and clinical alignment along with in-depth insight into diverse networks.

EcoPATH enables clients to quantify clinical and financial performance which is the foundation for building well-aligned, high value health care delivery network. The analytics toolkit accommodates four product offerings to persuade network quality, marketability and profitability. First one is Compliance Package, a network monitoring program that identifies risk and offers solutions for in-time directory validation responses, minimizing financial penalties. Next comes, Approval Package to manage the multifaceted application filing process with strict requirements and compressed deadlines. Followed by Alignment Package which identifies patterns of network performance and accelerate provider engagement and identify value-based contracting opportunities. Fourth is Performance Package- an analytic profiling tool used to assess individual provider efficiency and quality of network models.

Using EcoPATH, health providers can navigate their relationship strategies for betterment and network development team can pursue high-value providers in a defined ecosystem.