Google Cardboard-A Next-Generation Virtual Reality Viewer App
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Google Cardboard-A Next-Generation Virtual Reality Viewer App

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Google decides to enter the virtual reality space with a Smartphone enclosure made of cardboard and two lenses. The Cardboard allows users to take photos with a Smartphone and then display them in the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) viewer. Google Cardboard is a handheld VR viewer which allows users to view various Google services such as Google Earth, YouTube and more VR experiences. It brings intuitive experiences to everyone in a simple and affordable way. The product can be built using basic specifications from Google and can be viewed by downloading an Android app. Google’s Cardboard app for Android presents a new life to static images providing users an opportunity to view their personal photographs with the new virtual–reality capabilities. The Cardboard camera app is available in 17 languages on Google store.  

The VR photos displayed is in the form of a three-dimensional panorama displaying different views - short as well as long through each lens. The app lets users turn any photo into a personal VR experience. In contrast, the users get a normal 360-degree effect by rotating their phones or tablets when viewed without the Cardboard.

Mini’s (British motor company) short film Backwater released in September on YouTube enhanced Virtual Reality, where the film was watched through the Google Cardboard Device turning Smartphone into Virtual Reality goggles.  Google Cardboard increases the content accessibility for the Smartphone consumers by allowing automakers to experiment in the developing market.

 Google has broadened the reach of Smartphone-based virtual reality by making the specifications of Cardboard through Open source technology. Companies can manufacture and sell their own sets by participating in the tech company's third-party certification program, claims Aaron Luber, Head of Partnerships for VR, Google. 

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