Google Fiber's Game Changer TV ad-tracking program to Revolutionize TV Ad Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 25, 2015

KANSAS CITY, MO: That time is long gone when TV ads were independently broadcasted on television set and viewers watched all of them. Google has taken a giant step to revolutionize the TV advertising industry by introducing TV ad-tracking program. The program helps company to evaluate the effectiveness of their ads by determining number of views online with the help of Fiber box which comes along with Google Fiber TV.

Google Fiber, a provider of high-speed Internet and TV services, offers real-time TV ads for their subscribers on the basis of geography, types of broadcasted program and viewing history. The company tracks its subscriber TV habits and provides them ads which they really want to watch. The consumers will have the liberty to opt out of ads being shown based on viewing history.

Matt Novak of Gizmodo reports that this game changer approach will also benefit advertisers in terms of saving costs since they have to pay only for those ads which has been shown. The advertisers can have the full control over the number of repeated telecast of an ad to a given TV. The ads will be displayed during existing ad breaks on live TV and Digital Video Recorder (DVR-recorded) programs.