Google X Welcomes Two Moonshots 'Robotics Project and High-Altitude Satellite Drones'

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Google X embraced two amorphous Google experiments, robotics, Titan and Wing since Google projects doesn’t seem to find a proper place in the new grander scheme of things.

Google ventures into Robotics by acquiring Boston Dynamics and 7 other companies. After the strong jolt faced by Google on the departure of Andy Rubin, it is now coping up well in the robotics field. The continued efforts and hiring best minds in the industry has helped them to push their own efforts in robotics till the distant future.

Google X projects are referred as Moonshots. Some of the Google X projects are Self driving car, Wing, Glass and Loon. Majority of the companies in the field have merged into Google X including Makani Power, Redwood Robotics and Boston Dynamics. 

Titan, the drone company, Google acquired in April 2014 provides super lightweight solar-powered airplane having the ability to hover on one area of the stratosphere.  It is believed that Project Titan will assist project Loon to bring internet to the developing markets. Project Loon aims at providing internet access to rural and remote areas by using high altitude balloons placed in the stratosphere whilst Project Wing developed secretly by Google, deliver products across city using flying vehicles.