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GovtTech Innovations in 2019: What can Citizens Expect?

By CIOReview | Monday, March 18, 2019

Digital adoption has provided businesses with several advantages in reducing their working hours and increasing productivity at the same time. Tens of millions of start-ups are emerging to provide more capacity with innovative techniques. Beginning with citizen engagement to eldercare, government start-ups are boosting the economy with new solutions.

GovTech Summit was recently inaugurated by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. organized this summit that took place in Paris. The Summit focuses on building a stronger government-to-business link. Using unique tech solutions, it helps solve public issues. GovTech startups are beginning to carve the path to comfort customers around the world.

Finland-based Huoleti launched a mobile app that provides the benefits of contacting the network for the elderly when they are in need. It was designed for people suffering from an acute disease. The patient can tick off the checklist consisting of necessary help such as cooking a meal, hospital driving, and other basic needs. A startup based in New Zealand, Horizon, provides the region's citizens with a mobile app which is a community engagement platform based on blockchain. The app helps citizens cast their votes regardless of where they are. It helps rural citizens participate in urban activities. The World Economic Forum has selected Horizon State as a technology pioneer.

South Africa-based GovChat launched a citizen engagement app that helps a citizen to directly communicate the issues to the concerned government officials. The app also allows a citizen to discuss policies with government officials. UK-based Cera is an online platform that helps doctors visit patients and caregivers to order medical prescriptions. The app is also useful for the provision of food and taxi services. The online startup app has AI bots that enable an online portfolio or normal text to transfer messages. It will be a challenge for the government to clear the doubts of every citizen. Using technology, people can avail useful and timesaving apps available online.

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