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Green Hills Integrity Platform Supports 3D Graphics to Meet Safety Requirements

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Renesas R Car H3 System on Chip BOSTON, MA: Green Hills Software, provider of Internet of Things (IoT) unveils the availability of INTEGRITY Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and INTEGRITY Multivisor virtualization solutions for Renesas R Car H3 System on Chip (SoC). Being the first member of the third generation R Car automotive computing platform meets all of the ISO standard 26262 functional safety requirements of current automotive applications.

The R-Car platform further captures some of the important safety requirements the car makers are demanding from their supply chain. It also brings together the perfect combination of performance and compute power to detail when it encounters functional safety demands.

The platform provided by the Green Hills software is adaptable to a wide range of applications from reconfigurable digital instrument clusters, to highly integrated automotive cockpits, to highly specialized ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Additionally the platform also provides the compute and sensor fusion capabilities for the upcoming autonomous vehicle age.

INTEGRITY Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and Multivisor platform supports 3D graphics by leveraging Power VR GX6650 3D graphics processor. Integrating the ability of sharing GPU between the host RTOS and multiple guest operating systems, it ensures that RTOS graphics applications adheres to all the necessary safety requirements. The configurable virtualization platform lets users configure peripheral routing and utilization between host RTOS and any guest operating system. It ensures safety while sharing peripherals between critical tasks and guest operating systems.

“We are pleased to see Green Hills Software's functional safety and security markets come together with our technology to deliver a complete automotive computing and infotainment platform," quotes  Amrit Vivekanand, Vice President of the Automotive Business Unit, Renesas Electronics America.

The Green Hills platform underpins complete AUTOSAR framework to enable AUTOSAR software components to tightly couple in order to provide maximum software re-use. It also provides complete support to various application processors on the R-Car H3 with a variety of configurations.

"Green Hills Software is leveraging experience of deploying Multivisor solution into automotive projects to build the safest and most secure platform suitable for all major automotive applications," asserts Tim Reed, Vice President of Advanced Products, Green Hills Software.