GTB Technologies's Stealthfence to Plug the Largest Cybersecurity Hole

By CIOReview | Monday, May 25, 2015

NEWPORT BEACH, CA: Gartner Visionary, GTB Technologies independent Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Visibility & DLP / APT Company has come up with Stealthfence as a means to deal with shadow IT.

Shadow IT refers to IT systems and IT solutions built and used inside organizations without explicit organizational approval. It is also used, along with the term "Stealth IT," to describe solutions specified and deployed by departments other than the IT department.

 With Stealthfence users can automatically identify “sync folders” on workstations.  It accurately illuminates monitors and/or blocks sensitive content being sent to these folders. Abilty to automatically enforce Information Rights Management credentials (IRM) on files to provide access controls to its content is one of the striking features of Stealthfence.

Other important features of Stealthfence involves Native Cloud Data Classification and Discovery for Dropbox, Box, Azure, Office 365, Google Drive and OneDrive ; options for automatic encryption and file level access controls; detection engine options for the unique ability to detect video, CAD files, including precise partial file matches regardless of file type.