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Hansoft 8.0 Combines Program Management & Business Intelligence to Deliver Agile Metrics

By CIOReview | Friday, September 5, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Hansoft software solution recently released the latest version of its program management software Hansoft 8.0 which combines Program Management with Business Intelligence in one tool to deliver Actionable Agile Metrics to the entire organization. Decision making on all levels, from the team to the program and portfolio, can now be supported by relevant data visualized with iterative and collaborative dashboards.

“Many large organizations realize that critical decision making happens on all levels every day, not only in top management group. Yet the traditional business intelligence tools are expensive and only available to a very limited audience, typically executives and project management offices. We wanted to democratize metrics by bringing them to the entire organization so that everyone can make informed decisions every day and contribute to the success of the company,” says Patric Palm, CEO of Hansoft.

The features of this software include: better access of data, provision to select only the relevant data and visualize it the way you want it; intuitive dashboards and displays data as metrics using a variety of charts; availability of Chart Wizard – a simplified version of the dashboard editor to make project planning easier; ability to customize dashboard by adding pages; edit chart layout and color and finally, provision to save in the preferred format like PNG, PDF or xlsx spread sheets.

“In today’s competitive world you need to focus on metrics that are actionable and relevant. In an agile environment, metrics also needs to be iterative and continuously improved. Hansoft 8 allows everyone in the organization to collaboratively create and share dashboards based on the metrics they need to support their daily decision-making”, adds Palm.