Hassle Free Online Meetings with the remarkable Screen Sharing Android tool 'join.me'

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2016

Join.me, the online meeting and collaboration tool by LogMeln, Inc. comes with the latest update that allows Android users to virtually share anything from apps and documents to web pages and maps from their mobile devices or desktops. The application allows one to collaborate actively even when occupied with a hustle and bustle of things, making its brand tagline literally meaningful—“Easy to start; Easy to join; Easy to manage.” Freeing viewers from the stodgy download processes join.me gives a collaborative platform to participate in discussions with clients, colleagues or friends from any part of the world.

“The new-fangled version opens up effortless ways to share ideas on the go, to an extent that it is possible even to host a full-fledged mobile meeting” says Craig Daniel, VP of Product for join.me. He further elaborates that with its easy-to-use controls the join.me experience consists of a series of quick interactions leading to betterment of workspace communications. The feasibility in recoding a meeting or sharing a product demo online, renders it an ideal web collaborative solution.

The upgraded version supplements the pre existing features with controls such as lock/unlock meetings, request or reclaim presenter control, personalized meeting links etc. With the click of a button an entire device screen can be made available to the participants in a meeting, where otherwise a laptop would have been the most preferred option. One notable feature to highlight its user friendliness can be the “join.me puck” button which allows users to toggle back and forth between the app and device screen.

Both the premium and free versions of the upgraded join.me are supported by android operating systems 5.0 and above. Existing join.me users can update the app for free and it is available for download in Google play or Amazon store. Furthermore optional upgrades can be obtained through in-app purchases.