Hedvig launches Distributed Storage Platform for Server Virtualization
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Hedvig launches Distributed Storage Platform for Server Virtualization

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 29, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Hedvig, provider of storage for enterprise computing, introduces Distributed Storage Platform that enables commodity hardware to become elastic block, file and object storage for business requirements, reports Adam Armstrong for StorageReview.

Hedvig’s Distributed Systems technology comprises of three components namely Hedvig Storage Service, Hedvig Storage Proxy and Hedvig Virtual Disk Providers. The storage service writes the data directly to the storage media, giving the Distributed Storage Platform, ability to ingest data at a high rate while optimizing disk utilization. It helps in data protection by distributing the data across the cluster and helps managing disk failure by accessing the data.

The second component, Hedvig Storage proxy which gives storage access to every physical host operate in existing environments. It presents virtual disks as locally mounted storage and holds local I/O that converts the traffic to Hedvig RPC protocol. It deduplicates data before transmitting it over network lines. The final component is Hedvig Virtual Disk- a scalable abstraction that allows users to create, provision, or remove unlimited amount of virtual disks. Users can set up the Virtual Disks with various attributes and can set up numerous snapshots and clones of the disks.

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform can be deployed through either hyperscale where the storage service is deployed on commodity servers and storage proxy on application hosts, or hyperconverged where both the storage service and storage proxy are deployed on the same server. This platform is ideal for server virtualization, private cloud and Big Data.