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Here's Why Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Price Jumps Back and Forth

By CIOReview | Monday, July 15, 2019

By controlling the bitcoin price volatility, the world can experience immense financial stability.

FREMONT, CA: The easy come and go nature of the cryptocurrency, bitcoin shows it’s volatility. Bitcoin price jump to nearly $14,000 is recorded as the highest since January 2018, and the acceleration put it back to the same level as it was just in a few days ago. The massive fluctuation in price showcased the exact scenario of the crypto bubble that burst at the end of 2017. The increase in interest and wider acceptance helps the bitcoin to push the price higher.

The fluctuations of the bitcoin prices in the bitcoin exchanges are due to many factors. It is capable of volatility in the form of 10x changes in price versus the USD in short period. The regulations may restrict the investors to allocate more or less of their assets into bitcoin.Top FinTech Solution Companies

Cryptocurrency values are uncertain and intrinsic, but the store of value can be saved and exchanged for some good or service in the future. As the volatility makes it an unclear store of value and contrastingly provides frictionless value transfer at the same time. The two contrasting features create a considerable variation in the spot price of bitcoin against the dollar and fiat currencies. Holding a large proportion of currency may face issues while liquidating.

More impactful influences like security breaches, high-profile losses, a threat to the high-inflation nation by bitcoin investors, and uneven tax treatment can lift volatility. The bitcoin and cryptocurrency are under development to fix the negative impacts and access the gateways to safeguard individual holdings and deliver a reliable store of value, which can increase the rate of adoption.