Hexa's Products Soon to get the Name of Okaya

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

MORRISVILLE, NC: In order to set its foot in the global market, Hexa Tech, manufacturer of Aluminum Nitride (AIN) based semiconductor material and devices, has signed  an agreement with Okaya. This agreement leads to Okaya as the direct equity investor of Hexa Tech and establishes it as the sole representative of Hexa’s products.

Okaya, a company that businesses in domestic and overseas transaction in iron and steel, metals, machinery, tools and many other products, has found Hexa Tech’s products potential and believes that they will revolutionize the sterilization and purification markets, by providing compact, highly efficient, long-life sources of light.

“We are very excited to form this strategic alliance with Hexa Tech.Hexa Tech’s current substrate products, as we know from our customers, are not only world-leading, but we foresee their future LED products to be in great demand, creating significant opportunities for both companies,” exclaims Okaya’s Senior Management.

Moreover, the alliance also provides the opportunity for Okaya to sell the Hexa Tech’s line of UV-C LEDs, which are soon to launch.

Commenting on the agreement, John Goehrke, CEO of Hexa Tech, states, “As we look to our upcoming UV-C LED launch, we anticipate a further integration of our business activities, relying on Okaya’s strengths in this important market.