HireIQ Solutions' New Software Apps to Identify Ideal Job Applicants before Hiring

By CIOReview | Friday, May 8, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: HireIQ Solutions, a provider of predictive analytics and virtual talent acquisition solutions has come up with two software applications, AudiolyticsTM and Candidate OptimizerTM, making it easy for the organizations to hire customer service staff.

According to the company, AudiolyticsTM help organizations mine natural-language and recorded voice interviews to get applicants suitable for the job. The software also allows the companies to find out fake applications trying to outsmart them in many ways. This therefore eliminates the need for verifications and also encourages real talent. AudiolyticsTM offers positive job performance, customer service satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Candidate OptimizerTM, is a cloud-based, predictive analytics software system that takes the results from Audiolytics and other data related to candidates and then determine perfect applicants that are likely to achieve client’s business goals. The software therefore allows clients to report significant reduction in agent attrition and improvements in all other key performance metrics.

“We have invested substantial effort to develop an assessment technology that is superior in reliability and results to that which is currently available on the market,” says Dan Drechsel, chief executive officer for HireIQ. “Our clients report not only an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruiting teams, but also point to remarkable improvement in key business metrics, such as financial performance, customer satisfaction, and employee retention as evidence that our approach works.”