Horizon Deputes Glenn Lytle as its New Chief Revenue Officer
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Horizon Deputes Glenn Lytle as its New Chief Revenue Officer

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Glenn Lytle, CRO

Glenn Lytle, CRO

FREMONT, CA: Telecom service providers strive to enhance their network performance for superior service delivery. While they look for affordable, scalable, and secure solutions that can unlock higher data transfer speeds, Horizon, an Ohio based regional fiber broad brand organization, assists carrier and enterprise customers with its modern-day innovations and custom solutions. The company marks the onset of its bright future by positioning Glenn Lytle as its Chief Revenue Officer.  

“I am excited to announce the hire of Glenn Lytle as our CRO. I am confident that Glenn will continue his success as we expand our footprint into Columbus and throughout the region.  His experience in building sales teams and extending networks matches very well with our future plans. Taking advantage of the strong backing of our equity partner, Novacap, Glenn will be able to take our legacy of creating carefully tailored solutions for our customers into our new markets,” remarks Bill McKell, CEO of Horizon.

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Horizon hopes that adding a CRO to its executive team will fit perfectly into the company’s growth plan and Lytle’s humility, work ethics, and strong interpersonal skills will be an added benefit to creating a team-oriented culture at Horizon.

Lytle adds, “I’m excited to join the growing team at Horizon as they continue to expand their fiber network throughout Ohio and surrounding states. We have a tremendous opportunity to leverage a strong, well-established brand with growing fiber assets and top-notch customer care.”

For any business, reliable and timely communication within the organization and with the customers is a critical part of success and telecommunication services makes this possible. Steve Steele, COO at Horizon comments, “We consider our clients as partners in our efforts to provide customized access to broadband in the Ohio region that is specifically designed to meet the clients’ needs."

The company meets with clients on their business goals and requirements to analyze their goals and network configurations before it begins to frame custom solutions to meet their specific demand. In telecom space, Horizon possesses the technical know-how and the resources to interconnect clients’ communication towers and help them leverage speed to provide fast and reliable service. 

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