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How AI Can Transform Legal Services

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The legal services use AI to improve the decision-making process and offer better judgment to the people. 

FREMONT, CA: As Artificial Intelligence(AI) continues to transform many businesses, such as the legal service industry, workplace experts are unanimous in forecasting rapid growth in AI as a critical technology to introduce advanced products and features to expand legal services and access to justice.

In its annual AI forecast report, PWC showed that providers of legal tech solutions would most likely adapt and implement existing AI technologies and convert them into tools to help legal companies expand. The trend will continue to find its application in the day-to-day work of layers and transform the legal field by applying AI-powered judges, AI robot lawyers, and AI-powered features for contract or team management instruments.Top Legal Technology Solution Companies

The concept is that people will utilize the court system in the future to deliver proof and claims to the judge electronically or through some digital system. Decisions can shift from the courtroom to online. Legal services should introduce expanded courts in a digital world where people can go beyond the judges' judgment to some diagnostic framework that will help them on their legal choices and how to collect facts and provide alternate ways to settle conflicts.

Without attorneys or the conventional judicial system, the future legal system may use AI technology to resolve disputes. Within a few years, legal services may have programs that can predict the results of court judgments based on previous decisions by using predictive analytics. Imagine if people had the choice of using a machine learning algorithm instead of waiting for a court date (and help from the conventional legal system) to predict the trial's possible verdict and then consider it as a binding determination.

Technology will allow the legal services to enhance results and provide people with a method to settle public conflicts in ways that were not previously possible. While this change does not address all the struggles with the legal system or the problem of access to justice, it can drastically improve AI as a service.

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