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How Are Cloud Service Providers a Benefit for Medical Device Companies?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Medical device manufacturing industries are leveraging cloud platforms to make the patients active participants instead of being passive device users.

FREMONT, CA: Medical device manufacturing industries are adopting a new strategy that helps them close the customer gap. There are new features that are designed for patient program management and medical device commercial operations. Device manufacturing companies are slowly adopting patient management and CRM products. In recent days, it is clear that more device manufacturers and payers are moving beyond just being the providers of ‘medical’ services and are actively involving consumers, patients, and users. Besides, cloud storage is used to create comprehensive patient profiles by aggregating data from multiple sources, including EHRs for patients.

To enable patient program management, cloud service providers offer valuable tools for medical device companies. It includes a step-by-step guided enrollment capability to build therapeutic support programs at a scale that would encourage patients to adhere to medication treatment plans. One notable feature is the patient services consent management feature that enables pharmaceutical and medical device companies to obtain patient consent either in person or via eSignature.Top Salesforce Solution Companies

Cloud Service Providers offer medical device manufacturers to manage their relationships with customers better. The tools give the medical device companies the ability to track orders for their delivery. This ensures transparency helping the sales and operations teams work together while comparing planned sales with booked orders and also planned revenue to booked revenue. Also, the new capability allows patients to be active participants instead of being passive users of a medical device.

The ability to track purchases, monitor usage, and review what actual purchasing and deployment from client systems appear is important than maintaining those contractual relationships. Another account-based forecasting tool helps medical device companies predict sales based on market conditions and account growth factors based on the prior year’s sales data. Device sale forecasts can be made to screen changes in areas like market share. Thus the medical device companies are benefitted by the capability to manage their sales growth.

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