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How Has Enterprise Web Applications Evolved Over the Years?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 18, 2020

As digital technologies transform the business landscape, web development becomes equally and increasingly important. In the future, enterprises that keep up with the changing development trends will remain in the market rather than those who don't stay updated.

FREMONT, CA: Websites are at the core of successful digital marketing. They can be called as the second home on the web. The concept of web development and design covers more than just the topic websites. The same method will be used by any web development enterprise when planning for digital assets, from mobile platforms to social media profiles. Here are some of the best and the most important trends to watch out for in 2020.

Motion UI

One of the recent studies suggested that accurate performance is often more significant than the actual performance. A lot of motion in a web application will confuse the users and make them feel busy. Besides, the exact movement can go a long way in improving user engagement and experience.


One of the fastest-growing technology than any other technology is the adoption of a smart speaker. The importance of this tool is the fact that goes far beyond the speaker itself. Voice interfaces are the next big hit, and smart speakers are just the beginning. The enterprises have already started to see voice-based interfaces to make their way into other platforms. Creating public-facing web applications that are found through search engines, the company must optimize for voice search. This includes creating short pieces that directly answer questions, rather than long-winded explanations.

Automated Interactions

Industry analysts predict that they see an uptick in both automation and AI in 2020. The automation will take over web development any time soon. However, the companies will see AI and automation that are used to create smarter chatbots, which will replace the functions of many websites and apps. These chatbots can interact with customers/prospects and even perform tasks. In 2020, the analysts added that the enterprises could say they will adopt voice assistants who will take over enterprise web applications.

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