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How to Improve Supply Chain Congestion?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Advanced applications of data analytics and artificial intelligence are capable of driving the new logistics solutions for reducing supply chain congestion.

FREMONT, CA: Traditional logistics were built in peripheral locations with the focus to improve inventory and procurement, but with the present day congested infrastructure has made the delivery process bothersome for distribution centers. Transportation cost for delivery vehicles to small retailers have primarily increased due to the complex supply chain. The battle with commuter traffic in congested highways and roads during peak periods has been an everyday phenomenon for delivery vehicles. Along with complicated freight movement, the shortage of qualified and efficient drivers has also added to the problem. 

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Supply Chain Pressures

With all the over populous influx of vehicles on the roads, the crowdsourced delivery services will further hamper the transportation operation. However, the industry manufacturers, distributors, and other professionals have come up with an innovative logistical method to provide a saving grace for the congested setbacks. With the widespread use of data analytics, distributors can now monitor the global positioning system (GPS) data, predetermine actual travel times, and predict problems. Real-time data generated from comprehensive maps presents operators with a panoramic view of transits problems and help drivers to detect expected delivery delays. Pre-planned delivery in the off-hours and overnights obtained from interactions between supplier and the customers allows more efficient and undisturbed transportation.

Technology to Improve Logistics Operations

Automated unmanned drones are also in the picture of the recent development for traffic congestions solution. With the rise of next-generation aviation droids, medical and pharmaceutical companies are opting for drone technology to allow a quicker and safer drug delivery service. Drones are being used on remote terrains where transportation is both time consuming and risky process. As urbanization worsens the congested atmosphere even further, enterprises tend to depend more on supply chain visualization and data analysis to improve the efficiency of the delivery network entirely.

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Surveying tools from new logistics tech companies allows enterprises to monitor the supply chain, collect data, indicate vital factors, and allows systematic growth. With 68 percent rise in urban population by 2050, the world will experience inflation in daily commuters, freight delivery, and high scale automobiles, which will further increase the complexities in the supply chain.