HTML5: The New Instrument in Mobile App Development
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HTML5: The New Instrument in Mobile App Development

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 22, 2018

The steep rise in the number of smartphone users in the world and the increasing use of the services from the Internet and its applications in almost all walks amplifies the growth of the mobile app development industry at an unrivaled pace. The increasing use of efficient mobile apps across multi-niche business enterprises paves the path for the top app developers towards creating & delivering more complex mobile applications which can function better and faster on different types of devices, on desktop systems as well as on mobile devices—the best of both worlds.

HTML5 is the perfect blend of developer preference, business requirements, and technological advancement. HTML5 is well-accepted and appreciated across the worldwide app developers owing to its extensive familiarity and the overall ease of use. HTML5 can save complex project development works and also decrease the entire cost of the mobile app designing and development process.

The principal attraction for developers towards HTML5 is its open standards support which enables the developers to deliver highly rich-quality content that usually does not depend upon the given device type or the type of Operating System. As HTML5 ensures good quality user experience and is usable across different platforms, it has become one of the most favorite coding techniques for mobile apps development. The Syntactic features provided by HTML5 like audio, video and canvas elements make it much easier for developers to integrate multimedia or graphical content on the web app or web, without the need to rely on APIs and plug-ins. In the coming years, it is going to be the face of the mobile app development industry as developers are moving from their usual administered use of Internet Explorer to Chrome or Firefox browsers at work, both of which have high-level HTML5 support.