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HyGleaCare's Same Day Prep System for High Quality Gastrointestinal Procedures

By CIOReview | Monday, May 16, 2016

FREMONT, CA: HyGleaCare, a company providing FDA cleared solutions for Diagnostic Gastrointestinal (GI) procedures comes up with Same Day Prep. A system that currently is available at the HyGleaCare centre for Dallas DHAT patients together with patients from Austin and Norfolk. Same Day Prep effectively cleans the bowel for tests and treatments such as Colonoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Barium Enema, Virtual Colonoscopy and Colorectal Surgery. The method used for bowel cleansing involves a gentle infusion of warm water which loosens the stool and thereby allows the patient to evacuate the colon comfortably.

With this system the patients are not subjected to any of the inconvenient procedures that traditional procedures demand, and they may undergo trouble-free bowel prep on the same day of the scheduled GI treatment. “With Same Day Prep our patients can now prepare comfortably for colonoscopy in a safe, private and hygienic environment at the HyGIeaCare Center - without a sleepless night and without having to repeatedly run to the bathroom,” says James Hakert MD, President of DHAT.

Studies point towards colorectal cancer as the secondary cause of death from cancer in US. The unusual growth of polyps in the colon if detected and removed during a colonoscopy can drastically reduce the chances of death. Therefore an effective bowel preparation is very much essential for the success of colonoscopy. On the contrary, a poorly cleaned bowel entrammels the merits of these GI procedures.  According to Hakert, HyGleaCare provides a convenient space for the prep to be performed. The procedure is carried out in a private room where the patient is seated on a comfort-designed basin and is guided by a trained practitioner. “Hygiene being a top priority in HyGleaCare centers we implement and strictly follow the guidelines specified by Centers for Disease Control (CDC)” affirms Hakert.