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Iatric's Analytics on Demand Promotes Value-Based Care

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 17, 2016

BOXFORD, MA: Healthcare industry is rapidly transiting from Fee-for-Service model (volume-based) to Value-based reimbursement (worth-based). For effective management of the performance drivers like Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR), Outpatient Quality Reporting (OQR), Patient Experience Data, Physician Quality and many more, continuous analysis of data is necessary. At the Health IT Conference 2016, Iatric Systems, the EHR vendor recently released Analytics on Demand, a suite of analytics services to assist both hospital and ambulatory care providers that conforms to federal mandates. The solution streamlines the transition to value-based model by ensuring adherence to compliance with industry touchstones through rapid delivery of financial and clinical data.

Analytics on Demand sports flexible pre-built dashboards that accurately track and analyze organization data to determine overall performance and help clinicians to work on the betterment of patient outcome while delivering quick ROI within a couple of weeks. Dashboard views are customizable for instant analysis and decision making and updatable at regular intervals - day, week, 60days, 90days or even a long year. The solution alleviates real-time and historical data analysis to aid improvement of quality of care. Iatric Systems automatically maps target data to Analytics on Demand database in various file formats, namely HL7, CCD, SQL, QRDA Cat 1 and flat files.

The service suite smoothens analysis of 93 electronic Clinical Quality Measures exploiting modules of Quality Measures Management and Reporting, Sepsis Management, Readmission Management, Value-based Purchasing, Hospital Acquired Conditions, DIY Dashboard, to address alarming issues like population health. The extensible platform supporting Health Quality Data Measures Format (HQMF) facilitates rapid import of additional modules along with easy ingestion of new quality metrics.

Complementary expert services are rendered to care providers based on the analysis of value-based care transition trend, project management, clinical workflow redesign and data collection schemes. The product is anticipated to be commercialized soon.