IBM's Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) Generates Insights on Customer Behavior in Real Time

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: IBM introduces a new user-friendly console that enables marketers to derive the maximum value of their integrated customer data.

The new console, Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX), is a part of an update to IBM Marketing Cloud. Jeremy Roberts from IBM says that this tool provides ‘contextual view’ of customer buying behaviors encompassing various channels, devices, and interactions. .

IBM has launched the UBX as a way for companies to unify data from all their disparate systems. “IBM is making it simpler to understand how customers prefer to engage,” said  MediaMath president Mike Lamb, “Connecting advertiser data to other channels could create more timely and relevant interactions”.

UBX makes companies to connect all the systems like marketing tools together and allows marketers at ease to connect data across their solutions for better understanding and engage with their customers in quick time.

Being one of the launching partner of IBM UBX, Vibes, a mobile marketing technology leader has acknowledged that it is providing mobile marketing and mobile wallet solutions to IBM’s Marketing Cloud. “UBX is cracking the code on big data applied to the marketing cloud, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this emerging ecosystem,” said Vibes CEO Jack Philbin.

Vibes helps businesses to unlock new revenue streams by arming them with the technology and guidance they need to succeed in mobile marketing. Vibes’ Catapult Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) platform enables marketers to manage all mobile communications including text messaging, push notifications, Apple Wallet (formerly called Passbook), Android Pay (formerly called Google Wallet) and mobile web campaigns all from a single interface.

Organizations that subscribe to UBX will be provided with the availability of Vibes' Catapult mobile marketing platform, which also includes text messaging, push notifications, and mobile analytics systems. It will also work with IBM Marketing Cloud systems to trigger transactional and service-oriented mobile messages, like appointment reminders and service updates.

UBX put together several of IBM's main marketing components at one point, that gained during the acquisitions of Silverpop, Unica, DemandTec, CoreMetrics, Xtify, and a few other companies.

Through UBX, Vibes' mobile marketing platform is integrated with a number of IBM's Commerce offerings, that enables customers to:

Personalize campaigns with IBM Campaign for targeted text messaging and mobile wallet offers; connect Web site and e-commerce behavioral data and insights from IBM Digital Analytics with all mobile marketing touch points; leverage email insight from IBM Marketing Cloud to better communicate with customers via mobile and deliver targeted mobile wallet offers (Apple Wallet and Android Pay) via email; manage and send push notifications with IBM Engage Mobile based on customer data, behavior, and business rules.

Vibes also works with other IBM Marketing Cloud systems to trigger transactional and service-oriented mobile messages, like appointment reminders and service updates. This Business to Consumer (B2C) Communication is very effective as the customers usually go with quick response to communications sent via text message, as opposed to email and other digital marketing channels.

With IBM UBX, marketers can: Go from personalized marketing idea to execution in quick time, taking control without disrupting IT; Automate real-time personalization across channels based on the customer behavior triggers; reduce the spend and increase the return on investment and effort with more precise targeting and relevant engagement.