IBM Scores High with IBM Sports Insight Central Tool to Enhance Player's Talent Evaluation

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: IBM joins forces with Toronto Raptors to bring cognitive analysis in the form of IBM Watson to enhance NBA’s talent evaluation process. The tool denominated IBM Sports Insights Central, extracts data from sources that includes statistics, video, social networking sentiment analysis and medical records. The recorded data matches the team’s needs, player’s likelihood of succeeding and staying healthy. It also compares the wellness of working with coaches and teammates for the duration of contract.

The idea behind creation aims at finding free agents and trade targets that can not only meet the team demands but can also fit well with the teams on court philosophy. The main focus of the tool is to help figure out and draft the best player’s performance. The software is designed to fulfill the team’s requirement by working across several divisions including the IBM digital agency and IBM Interactive Experience with the Raptors. Different sections of IBM technology have been layered in developing the solution.

IBM has also ventured with MultiTaction, a touch screen company to better understand the data and teams needs by providing table and wall-sized displays to highlight project data visualization. The solution leverages Watson’s ability to examine through vast amounts of data and make it sensible to humans.

The services are enabled as a template of sorts for opponent teams. It determines health evaluation by entering information about the person’s medical history and monitoring the health of the player in real time. at the initiative program will help taking critical decisions by bringing more clarity and assisting the players.

“You will never replace the human element. This solution was developed to augment the human element, to bring together all this data where humans might not see the patterns,” says John Rushton, ITS Global Business Development Leader, IBM.