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Ideagen Organizes a Webinar Titled 'Who Owns Enterprise Risk?'

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises since ages have been dealing with the question surrounding who owns enterprise risk within an organization. Based on the ever growing concern, Ideagen, providers of governance, risk and compliance software has decided to organize a key industry webinar on 'Who Owns Enterprise Risk?’ The event will be made free to attend and will be presided by Ideagen's Head of Product Management, Ken Ebbage, as well as the company's Technology Evangelist, Gordon McKeown. With an experience of over 25 years as a risk and audit professional, and with considerable skills in the public and private sectors, Peter Adams, will also share his domain expertise and know-how at the event. He is currently working as the Professional Services Consultant for Ideagen.

Ken Ebbage, Head of Product Management, Ideagen states, “The answer to a scenario of terrible risk, blind hope and inefficiency is to professionalize the management of quality and business change.”

The risk owning concern associated with an organization arises from the rapid mainstreaming of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in 2016. The webinar succeeds swiftly from Ideagen’s successful whitepaper on the same context and has been orchestrated with an intention to tackle the issue. The webinar shall delve on issues surrounding the anxiety, circumstances, and trends that lead to this confusion.  The webinar shall also include shared insights and experiences from their customer interactions, as well as introduce recommendations that help in administering organizations properly.

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, May 26 at 4pm GMT and will cover an array of topics. Speakers shall emphasize on the significance of internal audit and enterprise risk management in an enterprise. Compliance and control shall also be under focus and the orators will stretch on how blurring of responsibilities and conflict of interest can affect the entire process. Furthermore, discussion will also revolve around defining and delivering ERM to an enterprise, and federation of risk management systems and solutions. Lastly, the webinar will be wrapped with the speakers sharing crucial recommendations for realizing the objective.