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IDT's RapidIO Technology to Ameliorate Huawei's Video Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: A modern technology like 4K is the next generation of video quality for which enterprises are setting their milestone. Huawei, a network and telecommunications equipment and services company selects IDT’s RapidIO technology offering superior video quality for its new video delivery platform. IDT, Integrated Device Technology develops system-level solutions to optimize customer applications.

Xu Fugang, Project Manager, Video-Conferencing Product line, Huawei says, "Applying IDT's RapidIO interconnect switching and network interface silicon are key elements of ensuring a high-quality, high-resolution end user experience in our next-generation video systems."

RapidIO technology includes bridging and switching products to build peer-to-peer multi processor systems. These systems have 100ms of latency, low power consumption and reliable packet termination. IDT’s RapidIO solution is ideal for wireless base station infrastructure, high performance computing, data centers, servers, video, imaging, military, and industrial control applications. RapidIO is optimized for a variety of video system solutions— video conferencing, broadcast video, video caching and distribution, and video edge analytics. These systems have a combination of low latency, and optimized system timing.

Further, Xu Fugang explains, "We have been using IDT RapidIO products in multiple generations of our product line for their low latency, scalability and overall energy efficiency that is best in class when trying to connect a large number of processors in a system to do real-time image processing and associated computing."

With increasing demand of RapidIO technology, IDT has manufactured and shipped more than 110Mn ports. Envisaging, IDT develops next generation RXS RapidIO technology which is faster than its predecessor, supporting 600 Gbps of switching in a single switch or 4.8 Tbps at rack scale.